Speaking Star Intensive

DO YOU FEEL PRETTY CONFIDENT IN YOUR SPEECH but there's that one thing that’s holding it back from being truly memorable?

The Speaking Star Intensive is an individual session typically lasting up to 3 hrs that is laser-focused on address and eliminate your 1-2 top speaking concerns.

Some examples of possible topics to be addressed might include: how to manage your nerves for optimal speech delivery, how to incorporate personal stories to take a business presentation from boring to engaging, or how to craft a signature talk for a series of speaking engagements centered around a common topic.

With Julia I was willing to take it to the next level. The presentation we prepared for was a success. I could see the audience was drawn into the story.
— Mark Aardsama

The Speaking Star Intensive will help you:

Identify your 1-2 speaking barriers
Create a plan to overcome those barriers
Work through your barriers 



Each session will also include written PDF reference materials to reinforce our training so that by the time that your speaking engagement arrives, you’re ready to rock it.

Ready to find out if the Speaking Star Intensive is right for you?