From my former work in the events industry, I understand the challenge that event planners face in booking the right speaker for your event. My goal with this page is to give you the information you need to make the best possible decision for your event. 

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Speaking Topics

Julia speaks on topics related to entrepreneurship, business, and provides speaker training. 

  • Entrepreneurship: Is It Right For You? - In this keynote, Julia shares her personal journey into entrepreneurship and how to know whether the path of entrepreneurship is right for you. 
  • Speaker Training Workshops - In her speaker training workshops, Julia guides participants through her signature 3-Phase process to Discover Your Big Idea, Write Your Signature Talk, and Deliver Your Talk with confidence and charisma. Through these 3 Phases, audiences will walk away with their core message clarified, learn the fundamental frameworks to structuring any type of speech, discover how to overcome stage fright and utilize the secrets of stagecraft to deliver powerfully.


    “Julia is a spectacular speaker with very strong communication skills. While appearing on the panel at the Choose Yourself breakfast she conveyed the message of strength to the audience. Julia reminded all of us of how strong our inner strength is and how important it is to focus on and build up that strength. Its like a flame inside that we need to ignite.”
    - Georgie Ann Getton, Choose Yourself Breakfast (Event Organizer), ChooseYourself.Me

    “Julia was engaging and positive while telling listeners how to develop a way to present themselves and what they do. As someone trying to make it in the television industry, Julia's presentation gave me the tools I needed to further brand myself in a professional and concise way. I feel more confident conducting myself in a professional environment, around people who are higher up than I am.”
    -Emily Junge, Audience Member

    “Once you realize that you have a pain point in public speaking, that’s where Julia really delivers value. Julia can really outline the steps to delivering the best possible speech.
    - Alex Lougovtsov, Senior Acquisition Marketing Manager at Way Up, Audience Member at ‘What’s the Big Idea?’ Workshop at Entrepreneurs’ Organization, Brooklyn Chapter

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