Here are a few words from our clients

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Mark Aardsma is an entrepreneur who has launched and led two companies to the multi-million-dollar level, who now invests, writes, speaks, and coaches others who launch and lead.

“After working on storytelling in multiple sessions with Julia, I felt confident that my presentation would be better off with my newly-practiced storytelling skills. Without Julia, I would have scrapped the story part. With Julia I was willing to take it to the next level. The presentation we prepared for was a success. I could see the audience was drawn into the story. Working with Julia helped me continue along the learning curve toward the impactful speaking presence I want and exceeded my expectations. Her calm and positive presence made a great environment for me to work on my own and her handout materials are a real value add too. Julia did a great job listening for what areas I wanted to work on, and focusing on those.”

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CEO Jordan Hayles is a brand strategist, comedic writer, and forthcoming author who works with branding experts to help companies find their brand voice & brand personality.

“Most entrepreneurs are so focused on building their “thing” that they forget that becoming an entrepreneur often means becoming a professional speaker as well. Learning how to do both is hard, but Julia has the skills to help make it easier. Because of her extensive background in theater arts, she has a unique perspective on what it takes to go pro with your speaking skills. Julia understands the kind of behind the scenes study necessary to make your story worth being heard on stage. She has a very comforting presence with a NY edge which is exactly what you need to make real progress with public speaking.”

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Allison Tugwell is a Content & Community Manager, and Freelance Content Marketer who helps leaders find news ways of communicating with their clients, stakeholders, and communities.

“Before my session with Julia, I thought I was pretty comfortable in front of an audience.  But I had a couple hangups over my 'filler' words and my tendency to ramble.  She addressed these in the session and afterwards where she addressed my individual concerns with a document catered to me and my particular speaking engagement.  On the day of the talk, my confidence was up and with Julia's tips and preparation I felt ready to tackle anything.”

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Yogi Aaron is the owner of Blue Osa Yoga & Retreat Center, and he's also an international retreat leader, speaker, and author of The Autobiography of a Naked Yogi.

“Thanks so much for the work you have done with me. I am feeling so inspired and getting my mojo back again. The creative juices have really started to flow." 

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