Fearless Speaker Training Program

DO YOU HAVE AN UPCOMING TALK THAT YOU NEED TO PREPARE FOR but you keep putting it off, saying you’ll get to it someday?

The Fearless Speaker Training Program is a 12-week, private Coaching Program designed to help you rock your speaking engagement with clarity and confidence. The program breaks down the process of preparation for a speaking engagement into step-by-step manageable pieces to ensure that when the big day comes, you are READY to go.

First, we’ll start with your mindset. You will learn the foundational tools necessary to get in the right state of mind to handle both your nerves and the energy of the audience. Then we will move into crafting and delivering your speech by teaching you the structures necessary to make your words land. 

Learning how to do both is hard, but Julia has the skills to help make it easier. Because of her extensive background in theater arts, she has a unique perspective on what it takes to go pro with your speaking skills.
— Jordan Hayles

The Fearless Speaker Training Program will help you:

Overcome your public speaking fears
Build your confidence on stage
Learn dynamic delivery techniques to captivate your audience
Clear up any roadblocks that come up along the way



Each session will also include written PDF reference materials to reinforce our training so that by the time that your speaking engagement arrives, you’re ready to rock it.

Ready to find out if the Fearless Speaker Training Program is right for you?