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We Help Businesses Build Resilience and Improve Speaker and Communication Skills to Turn their Employees into Happier and More Productive Leaders

When a company invests in their employees’ speaking and communication skills, they capitalize on the leadership potential that may be hidden in their employees, maximize employee satisfaction which aids in retention, and increases productivity. Because building effective speaking and communication skills both in person in the boardroom or at a conference as well as through online platforms such as video and webinar presentations isn’t unique to one particularly company or industry. It is a foundational skill that touches upon a vast number of employees. So the ability to speak and communicate effectively both internally and externally separates market leaders from the companies that get lost in the noise.

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Why Unleash Your Presence?

I’m Julia Wojnar, the Founder of Unleash Your Presence and from a young age I found public speaking to be thrilling. So what separates me from the 27 million Americans who fear public speaking more than death? In short, I’ve been speaking and performing on stages my whole life. My love for the stage began at just 8 years old when I performed in my first musical - The Wiz. I played The Wicked Witch of the West - and yes, I did get to have water poured all over me while I pretended to melt onstage.

From that moment on, I was hooked. Being on stage was a thrilling experience - one of the few places where I could truly let go of everything else and be fully present. 

For the next 15 years, I continued to perform in plays and musicals. My formal communication training started in high school where I presented research in orated essays for Syracuse University's Public Speaking course and taught Leadership and Communication skills to middle school students. At Ithaca College, as a Communication Management and Design major with a concentration in Corporate Communications, I further honed my speaking skills through studying and delivering presentations on a regular basis.

Fast Forward a few years and I found myself working in what I thought was my dream job - planning events for a trendy agency in downtown New York City. When I started, I never imagined that it would all come crashing down just three months later. But that experience of being fired took me down a different path. For the first time, I started to reflect on my life and what I truly wanted. And I realized that I had been living a script - out of alignment with one of my core values for freedom, and that to truly achieve the freedom I was seeking, I needed to work for myself.

At that point, I didn’t know what that looked like but I promptly hired my first business coach to help me figure it out. She took me through a process that helped me to identify that speaking and communications was the common thread throughout my life and the area where I had the most to contribute to others.

With that, Unleash Your Presence was born. 

But it hasn’t all been sunshine and roses. Today, I help professionals develop strong speaking & communication skills so they can express their ideas clearly and confidently. And we tackle the skill of building resilience because like any entrepreneur, I’ve had my own share of ups and downs but I know that it is through failure that we truly learn. The problem is that too many employees are afraid of making mistakes and getting fired. Having been there myself and come out the other side, I can help your employees to move through the fear, build resilience, and communicate powerfully. 

I know how important it is for you to find the right experts and consultants to train your employees. They have to be the right fit for your organization and align with your company goals. That’s why I am committed to be a reliable and responsive partner from our initial consultation where we will identify your biggest speaking and communication challenges and deliver the best solutions for your unique needs. 

What Others Have To Say About Working With Julia


Mark Aardsma is an entrepreneur who has launched and led two companies to the multi-million-dollar level, who now invests, writes, speaks, and coaches others who launch and lead.

“After working on storytelling in multiple sessions with Julia, I felt confident that my presentation would be better off with my newly-practiced storytelling skills. Without Julia, I would have scrapped the story part. With Julia I was willing to take it to the next level. The presentation we prepared for was a success. I could see the audience was drawn into the story. Working with Julia helped me continue along the learning curve toward the impactful speaking presence I want and exceeded my expectations. Her calm and positive presence made a great environment for me to work on my own and her handout materials are a real value add too. Julia did a great job listening for what areas I wanted to work on, and focusing on those.”


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CEO Jordan Hayles is a brand strategist, comedic writer, and forthcoming author who works with branding experts to help companies find their brand voice & brand personality.

“Most entrepreneurs are so focused on building their “thing” that they forget that becoming an entrepreneur often means becoming a professional speaker as well. Learning how to do both is hard, but Julia has the skills to help make it easier. Because of her extensive background in theater arts, she has a unique perspective on what it takes to go pro with your speaking skills. Julia understands the kind of behind the scenes study necessary to make your story worth being heard on stage. She has a very comforting presence with a NY edge which is exactly what you need to make real progress with public speaking.”



Allison Tugwell is a Content & Community Manager, and Freelance Content Marketer who helps leaders find news ways of communicating with their clients, stakeholders, and communities.

“Before my session with Julia, I thought I was pretty comfortable in front of an audience.  But I had a couple hangups over my 'filler' words and my tendency to ramble.  She addressed these in the session and afterwards where she addressed my individual concerns with a document catered to me and my particular speaking engagement.  On the day of the talk, my confidence was up and with Julia's tips and preparation I felt ready to tackle anything.”



Yogi Aaron is the owner of Blue Osa Yoga & Retreat Center, and he's also an international retreat leader, speaker, and author of The Autobiography of a Naked Yogi.

“Thanks so much for the work you have done with me. I am feeling so inspired and getting my mojo back again. The creative juices have really started to flow." 


“Julia is a spectacular speaker with very strong communication skills. While appearing on the panel at the Choose Yourself breakfast she conveyed the message of strength to the audience. Julia reminded all of us of how strong our inner strength is and how important it is to focus on and build up that strength. Its like a flame inside that we need to ignite.”
- Georgie Ann Getton, Choose Yourself Breakfast (Event Organizer), ChooseYourself.Me

“Julia was engaging and positive while telling listeners how to develop a way to present themselves and what they do. As someone trying to make it in the television industry, Julia's presentation gave me the tools I needed to further brand myself in a professional and concise way. I feel more confident conducting myself in a professional environment, around people who are higher up than I am.”
-Emily Junge, Audience Member

“Once you realize that you have a pain point in public speaking, that’s where Julia really delivers value. Julia can really outline the steps to delivering the best possible speech.
- Alex Lougovtsov, Senior Acquisition Marketing Manager at Way Up, Audience Member at ‘What’s the Big Idea?’ Workshop at Entrepreneurs’ Organization, Brooklyn Chapter


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