From my former work in the Events Industry, I understand the challenges that planners face in selecting speakers. My goal here is to show you why booking me as a speaker will make YOU the hero for your event and what you can expect when considering me as a speaker

Keynote presentations & programs

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Julia speaks at events and organizations to help employees tackle tough decisions and express their ideas clearly and confidently. 

The Surprising Secret to Helping your Employees Tackle Tough Decisions: 

It's no secret that companies must rely on their employees to make smart decisions in order to mitigate risk and grow profits everyday. But trust levels between managers and their teams continues to decrease, leading to a greater risk in costly decisions day over day. In fact, in a recent national survey conducted by Ultimate Software and the Center for Generational Kinetics (CGK), a stunning 80% of employees said they could do their job without their managers.  In fact, according to Gallup's 2015 State of the American Manager, managers account for at least 70% of the variance in employee engagement scores across all business units, and disengaged employees cost up to $500 billion annually in productivity losses. But the secret to fixing this poor decision-making trap may not be what you think it is…

In this Keynote, attendees will discover: 

  • Why learning to trust yourself and build resilience is the hidden key to helping employees make better decisions

  • How to help your teams begin to develop self-trust and resilience today

  • Why self-trust and resilience leads to increased confidence and happiness in employees, helping both the individual’s AND the company’s bottom-line”

Communications Training 

Julia offers communication training, including online formats that your employees can complete at their convenience around the development of public speaking skills as well as training employees who are speaking on behalf of your organization at conferences and events. 

To discuss your specific communication goals for your employees, please get in touch.


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