You want to own your greatness on stage but you're thinking...


And what you really want is to...

  • Get rid of the nervous jitters once and for all.
  • Take the stage with a confidence that says "I've got this!"
  • Convey your passion and message clearly.
  • Captivate and move your audience with lasting impact.
  • Demonstrate your expertise in front of your ideal clients and esteemed colleagues.

I’m Julia Wojnar and I’m here to help you unleash YOUR presence to become the best speaker you can be.


I help passionate and ambitious entrepreneurs like you become better public speakers so they can rock their next talk.

Together, we’ll take your talk from being that "thing-looming-over-your-head-that-you’ll-get-around-to-someday" and break it down into an actionable process to get you ready right away.

is a skill that can be improved with the right guidance and preparation.

If you’ve ever felt paralyzed by the fear of public speaking, you're not alone. Taking the stage can be terrifying, but I've got the secret to help you rock your next talk..

Unlock the Secrets to a kickass talk. 
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My Story

Unlike most of the general public, I’ve always found public speaking to be thrilling. To feel the invigorating energy of the audience holding captive attention to your words and hearing the final round of applause inspires me to show up as my best self and share my gifts in a tangible way.

Whether it was through my time teaching leadership and communication skills to middle school students, presenting research in orated essays for Syracuse University's Public Speaking course as a high school student, or honing my abilities in presenting Strategic Communications plans as a student at Ithaca College, speaking in front of audiences has been the common thread that has allowed me to do my best work.

At the same time, my experience as a performer in numerous plays and musicals gave me the training necessary to capture and hold an audience's attention. I now bring these varied speaking and performing experiences to my coaching; bridging the gap between your brilliant idea and your ability to communicate it effectively on stage.

A few Random Facts About Me

  • I was born just one hour short of being a Halloween baby
  • My freckles are my signature and I acquire more every summer.
  • Chocolate is my favorite food and my go-to on long days
  • I call my home of New York City my first true love but traveling to new places equally fills me with joy.