It’s time to lead with confidence.


You know how paralyzing and uncomfortable it feels when you have to speak in public. You know your story is a great one, unique to you, that can inspire others to take action and make a greater impact. You know it because you’ve almost gained the audience’s full attention and have lost it. You can now feel that drive within you pulling you towards something bigger. You know it’s time to invest in yourself. Your story is waiting to be heard.


What is holding you back from stepping into your greatness? 


Learn how to conquer your fears of public speaking and unleash your presence

Our personalized coaching program helps you:

Deliver with Impact by utilizing the secrets of stagecraft

Prepare for your next talk with ease



She has a very comforting presence with a NY edge which is exactly what you need to make real progress with public speaking.
— Jordan Hayles, Brand Strategist
Julia did a great job listening for what areas I wanted to work on, and focusing on those.
— Mark Aardsma, Entrepreneur

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